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What will you discover at Orchid Laser Hair Removal? Quite simply, the highest level of experience you can find for laser hair removal and anti-aging services. It’s not just our low fees and professional treatment programs that make Orchid Laser Hair Removal so refreshing: one of the most effective laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatment programs in Michigan at great fees, in a safe and comfortable environment, while being treated with real care and concern.



Orchid Laser Hair Removal combines state-of-the-art technology with Orchid Laser Hair Removal unique process called the “MLC Concept”. The MLC Concept enables laser hair removal and laser and light-based skin treatments to be performed quickly with great results. Our revolutionary, safe, FDA-approved treatments are customized to your individual needs, to enhance and improve your natural beauty. Orchid Laser Hair Removal offer clients these high demand services in a beautiful, relaxed and up-scale atmosphere, at fees that are affordable to the general public.

Orchid Laser Hair Removal provided positive solutions to looking and feeling your best.

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So why not come down to our clinic and find out what Orchid Laser Hair Removal can do for you.

Lumenis painless machine

Lumenis's LightSheer Duet uses vacuum technology to gently suction the skin bringing the hair follicle closer to the laser itself. Treatment is quick, with legs and backs only taking about 30 minutes

according to the manufacturer; a 75% improvement over Lumenis' original LightSheer system. A larger treatment tip with deeper penetration is the key. The new tip is 22X35mm as opposed to the former tip which was 9X9mm. That's about the size of a postage stamp as compared to the size of a pinky fingernail.

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